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The most important elements in online technology are the 1st impressions, engaging your target audience with your website, this why we’ll design experiences based on strategy and creativity. You have 10 seconds to win your customers over... what are you willing to do to keep them? 

Your website is usually the first thing a potential customer sees before they call you — or your competitor.  A professional and functional website creates a great first impression with customers and supports your services and reputation. However, an unappealing, slow or outdated website communicates to customers that your business lacks the expertise and level of professionalism that they deserve.  Image is everything!

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We are PRO DESIGNER’S using Dreamweaver for Web Design and SEO, Keyshot for my 3D animation and Rendering, Solidworks for Modelling,  Profoto for  photography gear, HitFilm and Davinci for video, audio and special effects editing. I know first hand that in today’s online world, your website drives your business. In many cases, your website may be the only thing a potential customer sees before calling you — or your competition. If I’d ask you “how much business you are loosing because you are either not online or just outdated”, what would you say? Ask me and let’s find out!

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Have a business website you want to transfer to HOST09? Just sit back and relax as we take care of the setup... worry free!

At HOST09 we build your hosting services from the ground up!  100% customized to meet your business and hosting needs. Our hosting plan includes 100% unlimited service, one domain, unlimited sub-domains,  and unlimited email hosting.



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SEO, or search engine optimization, is a strategy that focuses on optimizing your website and pages to rank higher in the search results. This increased visibility drives more organic traffic and conversions for your business.

The main way to optimize for search engines is to optimize your site for your visitors. Optimizing for users creates a better user experience. The more time users spend on your site and find the information they’re looking for, the more likely they’ll turn into leads for your business.

Search engines like Google realize this, and so they’ll rank your site higher in search results if you’re optimizing for users.

Some of the main components that go into SEO are:

1. Keyword research and integration: Keywords are the queries that users enter into the search bar. By integrating keywords into your content, you’re telling Google what your content is about, and Google will show your page on relevant search queries. Researching keywords helps you target the intent behind the keywords with your content with pinpoint accuracy.

2. Improving page speed: Search engines care about your page’s load speed because users like fast load speed. Users want information fast, and if your page’s speed doesn’t cut it, users will leave.

3. Responsive design: More and more users are searching online with mobile devices. In fact, over 50% of Internet traffic comes from mobile. Pages with a responsive design look good no matter the device, and search engines and users find that important.

4. Link building: If your page has a lot of other sites linking to it (especially authoritative sites), then search engines will notice. Links count as endorsements, so search engines will consider your page valuable if it has a lot of quality links and rank it higher in search results.

Making your site accessible for search engines lets your pages appear higher on search results. With the visibility that comes from ranking higher, your website will gather more organic traffic and more conversions.


Content marketing focuses on generating quality content that engages your audience and provides them with valuable information. When you create content, you build your authority and trust with your audience by sharing your insight and expertise in your industry.

Some forms of content marketing are:

 1. Website posts

 2. Blog posts

 3. Social media posts

 4. Search advertisements

 5. Social media advertisements

 6. Display advertisements

 7. Emails

 8. Media (images, infographics, videos, gifs, etc.)